Islander on the Beach complex:

Spalling/Lanai work from August 31 - October 9

After conducting inspections throughout the property we came across quite a bit of lanai’s possibly effected by spalling damage. This type of repair work will require specific units in these buildings to be closed at various times during a five week period beginning on August 31. Please note that the duration of this repair project is an estimate and could be extended depending on weather and the severity of the repair.

There is no work on the weekends. The workmen are there from 8am to 5pm weekdays only. Last year with the same type of work, they were ahead of schedule and actually finished early, but severity of work and weather may affect work and extend a given week or total duration of project. Extent of noise, work, etc. are unknown as contractor won't know the extent of work until work commences.

Bike Path

The Board continues to work with the County of Kauai on the bike path planning from the proposed easement between the Islander on the Beach and Kauai Shores to potential privacy fences and landscaping. The work is in the planning and design stages, with project start dates ranging from late 2016 to early 2017.

No updates to the Bike Path as of July 2017.

Kauai Kailani complex:


From Board member: the shoreline at KK has been further damaged from erosion after the portion at the north end of the temporary shoreline protection feature had begun coming loose after a severe storm sometime around Christmas.

The section did eventually detach which over the past weeks has resulted in loss of several more feet of KK property behind it. At the request of the AOUO, management erected a safety fence to keep people away from the edge and are putting in sandbags. It will likely be a few weeks before the state issues a new permit with which to begin repair.

As yet it doesn't affect use of the pool or access to the beach on Waipouli, but we may wanted to let you know there has been storm damage at the property. Once we have a start date for repair work I'll let you know so guests may be notified of that as well.